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Famed Wine and Automobile Industry

Stuttgart Germany became state capital of Baden – Wuerttemberg after World War II, when the historical states Baden, Hohenzollern, and Wuerttemberg fused into one state.

The city’s name itself evolved from a stud farm, stuotgarten,established by Duke Luitolf of Swabia around the year 950. The basin, closed to three sites, offered naturally ideal grounds for breeding horses. Today’s State Museum housed in the Old Palace grew from the Water Castle that was build for horse protection. Stuttgart’s coat of arms reflects these connections in a black horse rearing on yellow background.

Slopes embracing the valley, Stuttgart city lies in, and along the Neckar river proofed ideal for vineyards as early as the year 1108. To the present day wine growing is important to Stuttgart region. Yearly the Wine Village Festival welcomes visitors from all over the world to enjoy locally grown and pressed wines. The Wine Museum invites to explore 2000 years of growing wine while Wine walks and tours introduce the land, these well known wines grow. Some vineyards are in walking distance of the Main Station.

A monumental Mercedes star crowns the Main Station tower, an act of financial needs. After the war, parts of the station had to be restored. The monumental star successfully became a well known landmark and indicates relations to the automobile industry. Gottlieb Daimler, Willhelm Maybach, Karl Benz, and Ferdinand Porsche chose Stuttgart Germany as location of their inventions and developments that paved the way to today’s Mercedes Benz and Porsche automobiles.

Porsche even included an abstract form of Stuttgart’s coat of arms as a centre in their logo. Both companies influenced, still do, the economy of Stuttgart and the history of automobile development. In acknowledgement each realised an architectonic monument.

The Mercedes Benz Museum has the form of a double helix. Inside 120 years of automobile industry and its stages stretch over nine floors.

An equal architectural masterpiece that seems to hover over the ground an impression strengthened when illuminated at night incorporates the Porsche Museum. Displays focus on three key points solutions interlinked to mobility, Porsche sports car past and present, and accent on crucial aspects.

Location, history, and culture make a travel to Stuttgart Germany part of the magic city destinations. One of Germany’s privileged economic centres sets the frame to art, culture, and leisure activities combined with fabulous shopping.

Schlossplatz (Palace Square) and Neues Schloss, Stuttgart, Baden Wurttemberg, Germany
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On top, the population loves to party at their beer festival, wine festival or at their Christmas market.

Disembark from the city’s hustle and bustle to the Black Forest in just an hour’s drive from Stuttgart to visit the birth place of Cuckoo Clocks and name inspiration to the Black Forest Cake.

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