Why learning German in Germany?

Accelerate Your German Language Skills

You may have one or many reasons for learning German in Germany. Staying within the country sure is a speedy way to leaSuggest a linkrn a new language. It will enable to immediately set newly gained German language skills into action.

The result is your Germany travel experiences new depths. You leave the ranks of an ordinary tourist who passes by and become temporarily part of a group and community.

Immediate advantages:

  • Meeting and connecting with locals while sharing part of their day to day life.
  • Getting insights on life and culture in Germany in particular of the region you study the language in.
  • Practising acquired abilities speeds up your learning curve.
  • Set the foundation to new friendships.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
that goes to his head.

If you talk to him in his language,
that goes to his heart.

-- Nelson Mandela

Intermediate Influence To Travelling Europe

The most widely spoken language in Europe is German. Native speakers make about 120 million. Countries included are Austria, Switzerland, and the majority of Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Bordering regions of northern Italy, the eastern Cantons of Belgium, and the regions Alsace and Lorraine of France share to a great extend the German language, too.

Manipulate travel experiences:

  • Open opportunities to stray of typical tourist paths
  • Connect and communicate with people outside the tourism field
  • Expand understanding of the German culture

Other German speaking communities are found in many Eastern European countries and in countries around the Mediterranean Sea. Abroad a German language concentration is found in former German colony Namibia and German emigrant destinations in North and South America.

The limits of my language are the limits of my universe.
-- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Lasting Gain On Speaking The German Language

The language can connect you with native and 80 million non-native speakers. It is one of the three most popular languages being taught. Germany has one of the world strongest economies and is a top export nation in the world. It further holds a leading position in science, design, innovation, and tourism.

German fluency:

  • Adds to qualification profile
  • Is the foundation for a studying in Germany or an exchange program
  • Companies do international business which require more and more multilingual skills
  • Opens a rich cultural heritage in
  • Creates business opportunities
  • May open doors never thought off, like working in and emigrating to Germany

Bonobo Inside a Truck at a Language Research Center
Language Research Center at AllPosters

Learning a foreign language is like creating an asset it broadens perspective and presents new opportunities. Following your interest returns only gain, despite the effort it first requires. 

A solid foundation is priceless gives fluency and confidence. Without necessity and pressure it even becomes fun.

Resources to learning German in Germany:

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Learn German at one of our German language schools in Germany.

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