Munich Germany, State Capital of Bavaria

Titled as Magic City, one of ten in Germany

Munich Germany, the state capital of Bavaria has the title magic city. Munich among ten selected German cities received this title. They represent the "crème de la crème" of tourist destinations for travellers to Germany.

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Munich, Germany
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The German name München points to a monk settlement in the 7th and 8th century. After city status was granted Munich passed over to the Wittelsbach family that ruled Munich and later Bavaria for more than 700 years. Traces of the monks remain in Munich coat of arms and in the tradition of the Munich child, usually represented by a young woman who leads on the Oktoberfest opening parade.

Downtown popular Munich attractions around the Marienplatz are overviewed by the statue of the Virgin Mary, Siegessäule. Here each day crowds gather in front of the New Town Hall at 11 am, noon, and from spring to autumn at 5 pm. The, Glockenspiel, bells play plays referring to two events. The knight’s tournament held in honour to the marriage between Duke Wilhelm V and Renata of Lothringen. The bottom one celebrates each day anew the fortune of health after the traumatizing plaque epidemic Munich had to endure for 150 years.

Close by the onion towered gothic Church of Our Lady, Frauenkirche, attracts many visitors. In the opposite direction the most talked about Munich Beer Hall, the Hofbräuhaus, dating back to 1589 keeps Oktoberfest spirit awake all year long.

The Residenz, a 14th century palace, was home to the noble family for hundreds of years is today frame to the performing arts and a museum showing off ornate architectural history of five hundred years.

To capture Munich attractions at first glance can be easily achieved by choosing an above ground transportation. It helps to appreciate Munich’s full beauty. Generous boulevards fringed with baroque buildings interchange with village like quarters that spread their very own flair rather than the fact touring through German’s third largest city.

A city that hosts art from the 14th century to contemporary artists, performing arts like orchestra opera and drama, an enormous science and technic museum, and one of the largest architectural museums. A vivid café, pub, and night life, accompany a vibrant outdoor life in parks, and beer gardens scattered all over Munich Germany.

A View of Munich's Maypole with the Professions of the City Symbolised
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The largest and best known of these is the Englischer Garten that is set in the meadows of the River Isar. It is a place to play, do sports, sun bathe, or just enjoy a mass of beer in one of its three beer gardens.

At the horizon the Alps tease to explore the city’s surrounding area that has as much to show off as the city itself with intriguing clear lakes and fairy tale castles.

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