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Berlin Germany is one of the exciting multifaceted metropolises in Europe. A stay in hotels in Berlin the capital city of Germany surprises in many aspects. Be it to live up to its reputation of a city that never sleeps or presenting the location for new art, cultural, and music movements or historic importance. The latter was reason for the UNESCO to select the Museum Island for inclusion into the list of 'World Cultural and Natural Heritage'.

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Its grandeur, significance, liveliness, and multicultural population find expression in its architecture on many occasions. Therefore it is natural that each district features its own attractions. The different districts with plenty of parks and lakes tend to encourage forgetting that Berlin is home to 3.4 million people. For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit Where to stay in Berlin for more information.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

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Located in the north-east of Germany in the centre of the state Brandenburg, Berlin is the country’s largest city area wise within its city limits and the second most populous German city.

The capital city of Germany looks back on an extensive history in holding this leading position. Dates go as far back as the thirteenth century until the end of World War II.

The war resulted in a split country and left Berlin in two halves East Berlin and West Berlin. The eastern part kept the capital status for East Germany the remaining half became an exclave of western Germany. A physical division took place through the erection of the Berlin wall in 1961.

Facade of a Building at Dusk, the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany

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The fall of the Berlin wall in 1990 symbolized the official reunification of country and city. The following year Berlin City became once again the capital city of Germany. Subsequently the parliament moved from Bonn to Berlin Germany. New offices around the old Reichstag building pronounce the new beginnings for the re-united country halves.

Today the city of Berlin is capital and city state.

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