Black Forest Germany

A Popular Travel Destination

The Black Forest Germany is one ofthe top German travel destinations. Located south west within the state Baden – Wuerttemberg just one hour drive from its state capital Stuttgart a varied scenery unfolds. Dense wooded areas with dark evergreens interchange with valleys, farmland, and plateaus. The western borderline to Alsace in France follows the Rhine valley, while the south border is shared with Switzerland.

Black Forest, Germany
Black Forest

Best known is the region probably by their Cuckoo Clock that conquered hearts all over the world followed by the Schwarzwaelder Kirsch Torte also named Black Forest Cherry Cake. Which actually interelates to the region more by appearance, Chocolate layered sponge cake flavoured with kirsch, filled with cream, and cherries. The final topping is a cream cover that is sprinkled with dark chocolate, and decorated with glaced cherries. The outcome shows similarities to the headdress with eight red pom poms accompanying the national dress.

St. Peter, Black Forest, Germany
Village, St. Peter, Black Forest

Small towns and villages interspersed with gently rolling farmland are best appreciated by self driving of the beaten track. Far stretches of farmland highlighted with scattered enormous farmhouses distinct to this region. They are built to house the farmer and his livestock at the same time. Steep gable roofs with shingles or straw protect from snow during winter time or high standing sun in summer.

The Vogtsbauernhof invites visitors in their Open Air Museum to learn about how local farmers lived and worked.

Black Forest traditional farmhouse
Photo courtesy Magnus Manske

The Black Forest Germany is a travel destination for tourists who enjoy well developed walking or cycling tracks, numerous glacial lakes like the Titisee and man made lakes like the Schluchsee, dreamy castles, palaces, countryside and wildlife parks. As well as to find here the highest concentration on wellness resorts with mineral springs and hot pools.

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