Article Marketing for City Guides

Why is deep linking so important for your City Guide?

Article marketing is a fantastic tool to create in context deep links pointing to any page but your homepage. Preferably the text link mirrors the key word of this specific page. The outcome is called deep linked inbound link.

These are all criteria the search engines take into account to evaluate your site’s ranking. Since it also matters how long site visitors stay and how many pages are being reviewed it is best to relate text and content. The traffic is higher targeted when the site visitor finds what he/she was looking for. In long term perspective this approach is for everyone more satisfying.

A satisfied site visitor clicks more likely on ads and is more willing to become a customer. The outcome is a win-win-win situation. Best off all the SE reward with higher ranking which results in more traffic and an ever growing snowball is set into motion. For more information on everything related to growing your travel business online visit the fanpage of SBI on Facebook .

Article Invitation

Webmasters of City Guides around the world are invited to write their very own original, quality article about their city.

Spreading the word through articles is an effective technique to increase the volume of free website traffic. It is based on the characteristic of the internet as an information provider. Originality and quality make your article count.

Include a deep link into the article body. Choose to hyperlink a term that leads to a page within your site promoting this particular key word, and voila a valuable inbound link is born. 

Your benefits:

  • Exposure to city travel related traffic to your website
  • Deep links have the effects of a spider web. Everything is connected and many paths help search engines to spider your site more effective
  • Content rich articles build credibility in relation to humans and search engines
  • Interested readers reflect a higher receptiveness to click through to your site
  • It is your article that initiated the click therefore highly interested and targeted traffic arrives on your site
  • Some effort in article marketing is one way to improve the amount of free traffic to your site.

How to get published on the German Cities Site:

The path is the destination.

-- German Proverb --

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16 German Cities and State Capitals
Take a trip through16 German Cities, the German federal state capitals. Find an introduction of the state they represent, attractions, where to stay, and how to get around.

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