Munich Oktoberfest in Germany

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The world wide famed Oktoberfest in Germany finds its source in the Munich Oktoberfest. Fifteen days ahead of the first Sunday in October. Each Oktoberfest in Munich attracts crowds young and old. Visitors arrive from close by, German wide and internationally. Munich travellers often arrange their stay around this particular event.

The festivities take yearly place on the Wiesn, as locals call the Theresienwiese. A place located in the heart of Munich named after Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Therese relates with the name as well as with the actual event. In October 1810 a five day marital celebration took place to honour the marriage between Therese and the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig. In subsequent years the festivities were repeated in tribute to the couple. Eventually these days marked the yearly folk’s festival celebrated to this day.

In regards to weather conditions in October the commencing date was moved into September. The September month is usually drier and milder. Wiesn guests enjoy longer evenings outdoors at the festivities without the feel of chill.

Munich Germany Oktoberfest Highlights

All is about beer at the Munich Germany Oktoberfest. So is the official opening ceremony. Landlords and brewers form a parade and arrive at the Theresienwiese on their decorated horse wagons with the Munich child and the present lord mayor of Munich leading, on Saturday the 19th, September 2009 at noon.

A tradition that goes back to 1950 established the Schottenhamel tent as the ceremony location. All tents on the Wiesn get noticed by the salute firing of 12 canon shots.

On Sunday the 20th, the following day a parade of traditional costumes and Rifleman is held. Sunday the 27th September at the end of the Theresienwiesen below the Ruhmeshalle in front of the statue of Bavaria a concert of all participating brass bands takes place. An important come together of more than thirty bands many brass band lovers are looking forward to. This year the final day is on October the 4th. Since 1994 the festive days always include, the 3rd October, the day of the German unification.

The Munich Oktoberfest in Germany is a very popular event that models for festivals internationally. More importantly it attracts almost 7 million visitors each year during this time. Wise travellers take this fact to heart and pre-book way in advance their accommodation and seats in the tents to celebrate. Alternatively they arrive early in the morning when the tent open up to secure seats.

Apart of vast amounts on Octoberfest beer many traditional foods are served in and around the beer tents. For drinking breaks an amusement park with fun rides and stalls are spread around the tents. During week days the festivity hours are between 10 am and 11.30 pm while the tents open at 9 am on weekends.

Munich Oktoberfest in Germany in the following Years

The event days change a bit so here are the dates for the following years:

2012 - from September 22 to October 7

2013 - from September 21 to Oktober 6

Munich Oktoberfest Tickets and Tour

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This tour is likely to sell out! Oktoberfest 2012 takes place from September 22 to October 7. The Oktoberfest Tour guarantees you a seat in the Hofbr?u-Festzelt, the biggest, noisiest and most famous tent at Munich's Oktoberfest. Reservations for Oktoberfest tents are notoriously difficult and the Munich Oktoberfest Tour will sell out, so book ahead to avoid disappointment!

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