Hamburg Tourism

Attractions to Visit on Hamburg Vacations

Hamburg tourism has along tradition rooted in its position being a major sea port city. A place travellers leave, visitors and trades people land, and seafarer pass their leisure time.

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Around this busy hub evolved an important centre of business that reflects its wealth strongly in a multitude on experiences. A place for fabulous shopping, outstanding musical, and theatre productions. It’s a city to start exceptional music careers like the Beatles did in 1960, discover new artists, or visit well known ones in art galleries. Others may prefer a night out in the legendary area of St. Pauli the Reeperbahn in its bars and clubs or the famed red light district. With festivals spread over the year Hamburg presents itself as a thrilling destination for many occasions.

Activities treasured by Hamburg tourism:

Harbour cruise

A world port like Hamburg demands extensive logistics to serve the deep sea traffic and deliver their freight. A tour gives an idea of this impact. Dependent on tide an excursion into the warehouse district presents insight into the origins of the port storing facilities.

Speicherstadt renovated warehouse, Hamburg, Germany
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The Warehouse District

The warehouse district by day or lit up at night is a memorable attraction. The impressive red brick buildings in baroque style inspired many new functions.

The Speicherstadt Museum takes through the history of the warehouse district while the Hamburg Dungeon usher their visitors through dramatic scenes to get a glimpse of times and events long gone. For all model train fans and fans to become the Miniature Wonderland has the biggest model train display. Spicey’s guides into the world of spices. After all they influenced the trading history quite a lot and still are responsible for every good meal. Dialogue in the Dark introduces with hands on experiences to the world of darkness. During summer evenings the Theatre in the Speicherstadt, an outdoor performing theatre, brings this unique scenery to live.


The harbour promenade invites to romantic strolls at sun set as well as social mingling at the beach or beach club.

The Reeperbahn historically an amusement area for sailors in between their sea travels. It is still the place to experience the famed red light district as well as a vivid music and club scene.

Back in 1961 a story book success was launched by the Beatles in Hamburg in clubs like Indra, Star Club and Kaiserkeller. In acknowledgement a place on the Reeperbahn opposite the Freiheits Platz holds their name. Beatlemania a museum dedicated to their remarkable story.

Altogether 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 music venues and clubs to a reputation beyond German’s borders for their musical performances as well as event dates like festivals, seasonal celebrations, sport events, and boat fairs provide attractions for Hamburg vacations.

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